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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Walking a tightrope

When playing with design, you have to keep the balance of the original (and perhaps improve upon it).  In the case of My Way, this means positioning similarly shaped motifs opposite each other.  It's difficult to describe, but pictures can help tell the story.

In the original design, the layout of the blocks is as follows:

Notice how some similar motifs are positioned relative to each other:
  • Blocks B and E both have the rounded square inner area, with corner areas that emphasize a diagonal direction away from the center of the block.  These are in the two middle positions of the design.
  • Located in two opposing corners of the design, blocks A and F have a distinct cross in the center with corners that remind me of a log cabin quilt.
  • Blocks C and D are in the other two corners, and have a diamond-shaped center with corners that have an all-over, non-directional pattern.
When I started stitching my version, I started block A in the middle position, rather than in a corner, just to be different.   As a result, block B ended up in a corner, and I moved block E to the opposite corner so these two blocks again balanced each other.  Here's my design-in-progress.

Along the way, I decided to not stitch block D since (in my opinion) it draws the eye a bit too much.  I'm replacing it with block G.   Block G has a distinct cross in the center, so I'm using this block opposite A.  However, the original corners for G have an "X" or star shape emphasized.  To balance the log cabin look of the A corners, I'm stealing the corners from block F to use on my block G.

In one of the remaining two corners of the design, block C has been started.  Block F is planned for the opposite corner.  In stitching F, I'll need to select colors carefully to emphasize a diamond shape rather than a cross as in Carolyn's original.  Oh, and I need to use the corners from block D here to balance those of block C.

Confused yet?  Don't worry.  It is confusing, especially when it's not sitting right in front of you.  The point is that if you're going to make significant changes to the layout of a geometric design, sometimes you need to walk a tightrope (i.e. keep balancing!) while juggling (areas of the design, that is).

Erin update:  Hooray!  The cast is off!  Erin did NOT enjoy the process of cutting it off.  Can you say terrified?  After a rough evening yesterday, she did fairly well today.  She does need to wear a brace most of the time, but it can be removed for some play times.  She really enjoyed being able to wiggle, and managed to roll from stomach to back (twice!), even though her legs are still pretty stiff and stick out to each side.

The unfortunate news is that Erin's left hip is still quite unstable.  She will need to undergo further surgery after her first birthday and then have another cast for six weeks.  :-(

For now, I'm enjoying having my squishy baby back.  :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeanne - I just love to see people personalising their own work! And dare I say it, but I think your sounds as though it is going to be more balanced than the original, in my eyes.

In the original block F looks out of balance to me because I don't see the cross first off, I see the white 'diamond ring' around it, and I didn't notice the corners at all until you mentioned them.

I am glad you are balancing F against C because the way I view the blocks, they both have nice strong central motifs.

I didn't think B & E balanced each other until you mentioned the rounded corners. The stark white on B leaped out at me, but there is none on E. With only a tiny segment already done on your version it's hard to judge the finished version.

Summery of this ridiculously long comment? It's one strong colour out of more subdued ones that I first notice, not the shapes.

Incidentally, I LOVE your colours!! (and give that squishy baby a hug from me :) )

~ Stitchin Sweet Sue ~ said...

Hi Jeanne, glad to hear you have your squishy baby back, so cute:) Have a gentle day my friend and Sweet Stitchin....

Kathy A. said...

Wow, I am thoroughly confused but I know that this piece will be stunning when done. You always do the most amazing pieces
Glad to hear Erin's cast is off but sorry to hear that surgery and a further cast are required in the future. Until then, enjoy your squishy baby.

NCPat said...

I too think it is great you are personalizing your piece! Go with your instincts and what you like! Yippee for Erin's cast removal....I am sure she and you will both enjoy a break for a while!

Edy said...

Great news about Erin...I'm so glad to hear she is sort of happy to be castless!
Your stitching always looks fine to me...infact more than fine...fantastic is a better word.

Stitch Lady said...

I love the detail in your posting. The MY WAY looks like a very interesting project. The thought process that we go through when we decide to change things is amazing....you would think changing is simple NO WAY

Karoline said...

Glad to hear the cast removal went well and that Erin is enjoying not having it on.

I shall be following your progress on this piece.

Elmsley Rose said...

I missed this post first time around.
That's great about Erin!