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Monday, July 2, 2007

June recap & July goals

Wow, June flew by and it's July already! Here were my goals for June, along with what I actually accomplished:

  • Complete Jim Wurth's Arcadia - DONE!
  • Start and finish GAR mystery window 3 - DONE!
  • Get the tree done on Picnic Hampered! - Not even close, due to a change in priorities (see this post)
  • Work on Examplar IV - Unfortunately, not one stitch!
  • Work on Goldwork Heart II - Not only worked on, but finished!
I also picked up my needlepoint kimono, and finished all but the blue flowers (although those were finished yesterday!) and the gold couching.

For July, my goals are:
  • Finish the kimono
  • Start Fantasy Remembered GCC, and get through "session 3" (note - I actually started this yesterday!)
  • Send in the Goldwork Heart GCCs (I & II) for evaluation
  • Enjoy the class with Sharon G while starting the Tuscan Spring canvas
  • Start and finish window 4 on the GAR mystery sampler
I'm looking forward to a productive month!

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