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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July recap & August goals

Another month gone, and August is almost upon us. Here were my goals for July, along with what I actually accomplished:

  • Finish the kimono - I barely touched this piece!
  • Start Fantasy Remembered GCC, and get through "session 3" - DONE! I then started session 4 by putting in the spider web.
  • Send in the Goldwork Heart GCCs (I & II) for evaluation - Wow, am I a slacker, or what? I picked up a priority mail box at the post office, but didn't send these in yet!
  • Enjoy the class with Sharon G while starting the Tuscan Spring canvas - DONE! This was a wonderful class!
  • Start and finish window 4 on the GAR mystery sampler - Well, I started the floorboards, but I think I want to remodel (i.e. redesign) the kitchen a bit before I stitch it.
I also started Hillside Samplings Be You to Others Sampler (a.k.a. the Ninja Squirrel sampler) and the next goldwork GCC, Luck of the Irish. And I started my WIP-loss challenge!

For August, my goals are:
  • Finish Luck of the Irish GCC (which is due at the end of the month, not in September as I stated last week!
  • Continue working on the Fantasy Remembered GCC.
  • Send in the Goldwork Heart GCCs (I & II) for evaluation
  • Send in the Tiramisu GCC for evaluation (which I finished back in March!)
  • Start and finish window 5 on the GAR mystery sampler
  • Work on "redecorating" window 4 (the kitchen) on the GAR mystery sampler
  • Start and finish the next in the Jim Wurth series (remember - this is one of my exceptions in the challenge)
  • Work on some of the other pieces in my challenge list.
This is going to be a very hectic month for me at work, so we'll see if I can stick to these goals (not that I have in previous months!)

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