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Friday, August 31, 2007

Canvas updates

Not much stitching has happened this week, but the bit I've done has been canvaswork.

I brought Jim Wurth's The Baroness Edie to stitch night yesterday, since it's easy to carry. I'm really loving the colors on this piece, and would like to finish it this weekend.

Wheels of Color has also seen some progress. I finished the wheels on the third round, and started some of the background.

Colleen asked if I drew the outlines on the canvas before I began the piece. I decided not to do this, because I rarely have difficulty with counted pieces. The engineer in me can see the grid and intuitively understand how things fit together. I can't recommend this approach to everyone. If you're somewhat uncomfortable with counted work, by all means draw the lines according to the instructions in the front of the book!

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Anonymous said...

Wow-that is just stunning!