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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

To the Acorn progress

It's hard to believe that I've only managed one post in the last week. My only excuse is that I've been stitching! I've made really good progress on To the Acorn so far. This shows all of "lesson 1", which includes the whitework band and the repeating bands above and below it. I've started on lesson 2.

I picked all of my own colors for this, with some success. Unfortunately, I do need to change at least one color. All of the colors are supposed to come from the variegated silk. The pink flowers in the border are too pink. I need to change this to more of a cranberry color to match the red tones in the variegated thread.

The light blue used for the inner border and the acorns in the corners of the outer border is also doubtful. The chart called for this to be gray, regardless of the variegated thread used. I didn't like the true gray with it, so I went with this light gray-blue. I think this needs to be darker, and I might switch to a gray-green that would work better with the main variegated thread.

Suggestions would be most welcome!


Unknown said...

I hate to tell you to frog when your stitching is so lovely, but...

You are absolutely correct on the color. Too pink, not green enough. Change to the colors in the variegated thread and it will be PERFECT. Plain grey? Ugh.

Anonymous said...

This is looking great. I am particularlt drawn to whitework techniques lately, and this one you have done is lovely.

I have to agree with with you that the blue-grey is too blue, and a green-grey would be better. But in fact I like the pink tones in the border. Sure it isn't a colour from the variegated thread, but I like designs with an additional colour - to me it adds some zing and interest to the piece.

Elizabeth Braun said...

hi! Thanks for joining up.=) Now I can see your blog 'cos, even thought you've commented on mine before, as your profile isn't public, I couldn't see yours in return... Now I've got a link to you on my page too.

Hope we get lots more members soon. Do you like the logo?

Carmen said...

is a great work,and the choice of light grey blue floss,i like it,beacuse is not to much blue and not to much grey.

Terry said...

I have this in my stash to do at some time but have been overwhelmed with other projects but have got this down as one of the pieces that I just 'Must do' for this year.

I still have not decided on my choice of colours yet which I think is one of the reasons why I have not started mine but will follow yours with great interest and love what you have done so far