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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another project: EGA Master Craftsman

In addition to the three projects I discussed in my last post, at some point I need to really start my step two piece for the EGA Master Craftsman program in Canvas, since I need to turn it in by the end of March.

Here's the description of this step from the EGA Education Catalog:

STEP 2. Twenty-one different stitches used in a provided design with an analogous color scheme.
It's an accurate description.  The provided design is an abstract design with twenty-one different areas, and I need to choose which of the twenty-one listed stitches go in each area, with no repeats.  The second part of the description mentions "an analogous color scheme."  This type of color scheme consists of neighboring primary and secondary colors on the color wheel.  In my case, I'm using red-orange, red, and red-violet.  I chose this scheme as a way to stretch myself, since I don't use these colors often.  I've already made preliminary decisions for color placement, made easy with photo-editing software.

I'll start by stitching each of the prescribed stitches on a doodle canvas so I can get a side-by-side comparison of the textures of each, which will help with placement in the design.  Somehow I'll fit this in with the other pieces in my rotation.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to share pictures of my progress on this piece here in the blog.  Since each stitcher in the program must make their own decisions in stitching the pieces up for evaluation, I can't share mine because (a) I may get comments that influence my own decisions and (b) somebody else in the program may be influenced by some of my choices.

Are you working towards your Master Craftsman certification in any of the disciplines?  Have you considered it?  I'm only through one step, and even though it's not described as an educational experience, but rather a means of "proving" technical expertise, I've already learned quite a bit! 

Erin update:  To make up for my lack of stitchy pictures in this post, and since some of you asked, here's a recent shot of Erin.


NCPat said...

She just keeps getting cuter! Good luck with the master program! You will do great!

Donna said...

I'm on step 1 in Counted Thread. At this point I'm certain I'm over thinking it as I am stuck on my sampler border. I've got everything that goes inside the border charted...LOL

Edy said...

How Sweet!
I am seriously considering Counted Thread for a MC.

Ginny B said...

Such a cutie pie you have! Yours is the first blog I check every day and I am always delighted when a pic of Erin appears. And I'm eternally amazed at your talent with the needle.

Janice said...

Adorable baby! I've considered Master Craftsman, but I have a feeling I would get halfway through and get burned out. I admire those who are able to complete it. What photo editing software do you use, if I may ask?

Jeanne said...

Thanks, everyone!

Donna- If you have everything else charted, why not start stitching? Just leave a few extra inches of margin for the border.

Edy - Go for it!

Janice - There's no real worry about burning out. You have 2 years to submit the first step, then each additional step is due within 5 (yes, FIVE) years of the previous one. I'm coming up on the five years for step 2, which is why I need to get to it! And as for my photo-editing, I generally just use Microsoft Office's Photo Editor. I haven't installed Office on my new laptop, so I've downloaded GIMP, an open source (i.e. free) image editor that does just about everything that PhotoShop does (though I have no need of most of the tools).