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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010!

This year has flown! Here's what I finished in 2009:

A larger view of the slideshow can be seen here.

On January 1, 2009, I wrote some stitching & blogging goals for the year:
  1. Enjoy my stitching. Done!
  2. Keep blogging. Done!
  3. Try to finish a few WIPs, and end the year with fewer than I have now. (Unfortunately, I can't get an accurate count now, so I'll just have to count finishes vs. starts for the year!) Well, I finished 5 started in previous years, and only have 2 started and not finished for this year, so I guess that's progress!
  4. Start the whitework Frances Cheyney sampler from The Essamplaire. (This will be stitched as a SAL with a friend, and I had hoped to start it today, but it can wait.) Ummm.... No.
I'm hoping to get a bit more stitching done this upcoming year. My goals for 2010 (continuing a few from this past year) are:
  1. Enjoy my stitching.
  2. Keep blogging. (Actually, I have a few plans for the blog, but I'll go over these in a separate post in the next week or so.)
  3. Continue decreasing the WIP count! 
  4. Stitch Erin's First Christmas ornament and get it finished. (And maybe do one for the second year, too!)
  5. Finish my master craftsman piece on time.
  6. Start something by Jean Hilton.
  7. Start something by Gay Ann Rogers.
I'll stop now before I get myself into trouble. Enjoy 2010, everyone!


Katrina said...

Happy new year! I enjoyed seeing all your finishes too :-).

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! I loved all of your finishes. You are a very talented. Congratulations on your finishes for 2009!

Edy said...

You forgot to list your main accomplishment for 2009 -- ERIN!

Getting all that stitching done too makes me a tad envious of your prowess.

Karoline said...

Happy New Year to you all

Kathy A. said...

Happy New Year Jeanne.
Many nice accomplishments this past year!! Look forward to your beautiful stitching this year.

Sweet Sue said...

Hi Neighbor and Happy New Year, great slideshow! I VOTED and am proud of it, good luck to Erin! Glad to hear she's coming along well. Come see my blog, I'd be thrilled to share a stitchy update with you:)


Carol's Stitching said...

Ambitious goals. Good luck and happy New Year. Will look forward to checking back to see how you're progressing!