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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Good news & bad news

Yes, I know I didn't post as much as I'd intended in Louisville, and I fully plan to still put posts together about my fabulous 4-day class, some of my stash purchases, and some other odds and ends from seminar. I returned home Saturday night, and it's been a fairly emotional week.

Good news or bad news first?

Let's start with the good news, since it's needlework related. A month ago or so, I wrote about sending two pieces to the ANG National Seminar Exhibit in Indian Wells, California. I found out on Sunday (third-hand) that my Lilacs took First Place (!!!!) in the Independent Project, Professional category. Wow! (As to why I'm considered a professional, it's because at one time I was doing some model stitching for a cross-stitch designer, and ANG considers someone a professional if that person ever earned any money doing any needlework, regardless if the pieces being entered are in the same technique.)

It didn't stop there. Apparently the same person who called the person who called me ALSO called our ANG chapter president. I found out this evening at our chapter meeting that the Lilacs also won the Princess Grace Award! I am in complete shock! According to the ANG website,

"The Princess Grace Award may be given to any entry, in any judged category, that is worked entirely in the tent stitch without embellishments such as beads or other attachments, in order to maintain the purity of the stitching technique. The tent stitch is defined as going over one intersection from lower left to upper right with no back stitches, seed stitches, or outline stitches."
On my entry form, I had indicated that this piece could qualify for the award, but I had absolutely NO expectations of winning it! Holy cow!

(And if anybody can confirm this, PLEASE let me know. I'm in a bit of denial!)

And the bad news (and a rare non-needlework bit of info): Also on Sunday, DH and I turned our male greyhound, Tucker, over to another home. After many, many incidents that indicated Tucker just couldn't continue to stay in a crate when we were at work (the latest happened last week when I was at seminar), we finally had to admit that we couldn't help him live a happy, healthy life.

In the crate, he would tear up any blankets (until we finally purchased a very expensive, guaranteed-not-to-tear dog bed), gnaw on the bars of the crate (breaking several welds and wearing down his teeth), and generally be VERY unhappy for the time we were at work. We just don't have a place to put him where he could be safe out of the crate either, because he has a tendency to eat things that could hurt him, too.

Last Thursday evening, when others were enjoying the auction at seminar, I was on the phone to the leader of our greyhound rescue group explaining all of this, and bawling non-stop.

Tucker had been a part of our lives for over five years, but he has been moved to a new home where the people are home more and have a safe, non-crated area for him (and their other greyhounds) to stay when they aren't home. I'm sure he's pretty bewildered right now, and I tear up a bit each day with missing him, but I know it's for the best. I want to call each day asking how he's doing, but I'm trying to wait until the weekend.

Our other greyhound, Sophie, who was always a bit (ok, a lot) intimidated by him, on the other hand, thinks this is great! She has blossomed in the past few days, and we've learned that perhaps this change is the best for both of them.

The few pictures here are of Tucker on Sunday morning. I'll miss you, Tucker Magoo. :-(

We now return this blog to its regularly-scheduled (ok, maybe not quite regularly-scheduled) needlework content.


Margaret said...

Oh my goodness! Congrats on the awards, that is fabulous!

I understand about the doggie. The change may be good for everyone though.

Karoline said...

Congratulations on winning the awards.

Sorry to hear you had to rehome your dog but it sounds like it was the best decision for everyone

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! How lovely to have your stitching recognised by 2 awards!

((hugs)) a tough decision for you. It sounds like it is the best for you all though.

Cyn said...

Hi Jeanne,

Congratulations on the awards! What an accomplishment!
Wahoo! Wahoo! Wahoo!
Happy dancing for you!

I was very sorry to hear about Tucker, but it sounds like he will be happier in his new home. You both did everything that you could to help Tucker adjust to your home.

Windy Meadow
Where we are patiently waiting for more seminar stories and pictures.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the puppy, but it IS for te benefit of all of you!

Major congratulations on the awards for Lilacs. You must be very proud.

Edy (MIL's classmate from EGA Seminar)

Julie said...

Oh Jeanne...
such ups and downs. Congratulations and (((((((((((((HUG)))))))))))))))), I'm sorry about Tucker. I know you are doing what's best for him but I know how it must ache.


3anklebiters said...

congratulations on the awards, your work is very deserving of the recognition. i've been lurking around your blog for several weeks now and very much enjoy your work, it is very inspiring. i'm sorry to hear about Tucker leaving your home. thankfully you cared enough to find him a new, happy home.

Elmsley Rose said...

What everyone else is saying :-) :-) :-) and :-(

(I was faced with the decision to keep a very badly injured beloved cat companion of 10 years, and manually toilet her twice a day because of nerve damage, or let her go. It was best to let her go, because she would have really hated the process because she wasn't a very malleable girl... but I'm very broken up about it.)

At least your boy will have a new home ..... :-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the Lilacs it is always wonderful when all your work is noticed. We had adopted a wonderful Greyhound and had 12 years with him before he pasted. They do pull at your heart. GB