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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Louisville 2008: Saturday

(Yes, I'm a bit behind in posting. We've been incredibly busy here at seminar, but I hope to catch up on posting each day's activities by tonight or tomorrow! Sorry to keep anybody waiting!)

The trip from Rochester to Louisville went fairly smoothly. Along the way, we had several mini adventures to keep us amused:

  • After having a soap dispenser spit on her at one stop and slicing her finger open on a stubborn paper towel dispenser at another, we decided MIL was "restroom challenged." The three of us (MIL, "S", and I) enjoyed this series of events for the rest of the trip, with S needing to scope out possible trouble spots in each restroom before MIL could go in. :-)

  • At one stop, we had dig through S's "bag of crap" (which was full of miscellaneous threads, projects, and books, but also had some of the stuff she needed for class, so she just brought the entire thing) for the perfect color of floss for the project I was stitching. We decided that sometimes, a "bag of crap" is just what's needed.

  • After a recent software download, the GPS system in MIL's car started chiming three times at random intervals along a trip. We spent a lot of time pondering possible reasons that triggered these chimes. Was there a cell tower nearby? Were we speeding or going too slow? Was it because we changed lanes? We ended up with the thought that it chimed every time it recalculated our estimated arrival time. As you can imagine, this happened a lot over the course of a 10 hour trip made longer by stops along the way.
When we finally arrived in Louisville, we had just 30 minutes to spare before seminar registration closed for the day, so we stopped there first, then moved on to our hotel, which is about a half-mile away from the main seminar hotel.

After some confusion, it turned out that the hotel was out of rooms with two double beds, and the three of us were assigned a room with a single queen size bed. Ummm..... this is a problem! It turns out that the hotel management didn't believe EGA would have such a low "no show" rate, and WAY overbooked. There were no other rooms available, and no rollaway beds. Ok. Hmmm... maybe we can purchase an inflatable mattress. The bellhop tells us the closest Wal-Mart is in Indiana. Indiana?!?! Oh - that's only 20 minutes away, just across the river. We hit the road again. There was a bit of confusion in figuring out how to get on the highway, but we made it there, found our mattress, and stopped for dinner.

By the time we finally found our way back to the hotel, it was 10:30. Time for bed!

More on the continuing adventures of seminar in the next post!


Beth in IL said...

Your trip out made me laugh. Thanks!

Lelia said...

thx for sharing. I'm looking forward to reading more about your EGA seminar experience