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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lower skirt progression

All this week, I've been working on Strawberry Girl's lower skirt. To break up the detail work of the strawberry band, I've been alternating pieces of this with the bottom trellis-patterned area.

First, the vines, strawberry caps, and the first row of the trellis:Mmmm, strawberries! (And more trellis.)
Leaves, and yet another trellis row...
Flower centers, and yet more trellis:
Bullion knot strawberry blossoms, and the center of each trellis pattern. I love how these blossoms came out!
Not much more to do! I should be able to finish soon!


Susan said...

I love this! You have done a great job and it looks like so much fun! Looking forward to seeing the last bits done.

Edy said...

One word...GORGEOUS!

Edy Fenster
Your MIL's friend from seminar