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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Color play on My Way

As I mentioned in the last post, I'm now going back to finish at least 1/4 of each block I have started on My Way. In working on Block B, I was very pleased with how most of it came out, but when I reached the little quarter-circle in the corner, I didn't really have a good thread. The directions call for a metallic ribbon in the lightest value in the neutrals family (my blue-grey). Well, I don't have such a thread. I started by trying Petite Frosty Rays by Rainbow Gallery in a very pale gray, but it looked very stark against the rest of the piece. It actually looks a lot better here in the picture, but trust me, when viewing the entire project, it just doesn't work.

This block is in one corner of the project. In the other corner, I have the beginning of Block E, which I featured in my last post. I thought the two roughly circular areas would balance each other out. Well, since block E uses a medium turquoise in its quarter-circle area, I thought that perhaps a medium burgundy would work here in Block B. Right now, all I can say is that the color works better than the light gray. I might have to adjust the beginnings and ends of stitches so it covers the canvas better, or perhaps I'll basketweave the area and do the woven stitch over the top so the canvas "dandruff" isn't so obvious. What do you think?

I'm really enjoying this piece, but unfortunately I need to put it away for a bit. I really would like to turn in the Summer Dream GCC for evaluation, and since it's due in early January, I need to spend some time on it! That's what I'll be working on this evening.


Cyn said...

Hi Jeanne,

Your right, the pale gray did not work. :-)

I'm not sure about the medium burgandy... Do you have anything in a lighter burgandy? Maybe with a bit of glitz/shine?

I would definitely do something to cover the canvas that is showing through. I like the idea of stitching a flat background and then weaving on top. Maybe use two different burgandy colors?

Lot's of options!!!

Have fun!

Windy Meadow

Cyn said...

Hi Jeanne,

One other quick thought...

Have you tried using a pale yellow/cream to match the variegated thread that you used in the one center circle that goes through the four corner blocks?

Windy Meadow

Susan said...

Hello Jeanne,

The burgundy is too strong - the eye goes straight to it. Do you want that area to stand out or is it meant to be a neutral backdrop to the central cross shape?

The canvas would not show as much if you used a lighter coloured thread. Cynthia's idea was a good one - try a pale yellow-cream or maybe get another grey thread.

This looks like a fun stitch - enjoy!