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Saturday, November 22, 2008

A new series of posts: Stitch Studies

Based on my blog statistics, the most popular post I've ever written is my tutorial on spiral trellis stitch. Recently, Megan of Elmsley Rose asked me to do a similar tutorial on the partially-attached detached buttonhole stitch (anybody have a better name for this?) that I used for the top layer of the peapods on my Tudor Style Purse. I've decided that I really can't jump right in with the partially-attached version of this stitch without at least one on basic detached buttonhole.

This line of thinking has led me to a new line of posts. I was originally thinking about calling it "A Stitch A Week", but I realized that I can't really promise that I'll be able to do one reliably each week, especially after TK makes his (or her) appearance. So, I'm keeping it simple and relatively non-committal by calling them "Stitch Studies".

The first several will be on the variations of detached buttonhole, but I am open to suggestions for follow-on studies. What would you like to see?


Elmsley Rose said...

I've been wanting to mention - several books talk about punto in aria (detached buttonhole in the air, as for the top part of a peascod) but nobody talks about HOW to put the how peascod together

ie do you do the base
then how to you go on to do the detached top from there?

Elmsley Rose said...

Stitches to post on :

You mention "detached up-and-down buttonhole stitch (both corded and non-corded)," and "other variations of detached buttonhole"

There aren't any instructions on these on the Net that I have been able to find after extensive search.

The only instructions are in Jane Zimmerman (brief) and in Mary Thomas' Dictionary of Embroidery Stitches (which I'm waiting to receive)

Also, did you do Hollie Point?

Jeanne said...

These are all good questions, and I'll try to keep all of them in mind when I get to the right part of the studies.

We did not do hollie point stitch in the class with Chris Berry, but I have used in in previous pieces and learned it from Eileen Bennett at one time. I'll have to refresh my memory, but I can probably write up something for that, too.

Elmsley Rose said...

That would be great :-)

Trellis stitch? Knotted buttonhole? (come under the variations of buttonhole?)