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Saturday, September 22, 2007

First Christmas ornament

Last night, I finished up the front of the ornament for my cousin's daughter.
This is the first painted canvas I've done without a stitch guide or help from a teacher to start me off. So, what stitches did I use?

I have everything but the cuff done on the back, too. Before I finish it, I have to make sure I have the baby's name spelled right! I should be able to check on this at the family reunion today.

Thanks to Kathy Schenkel for such a fun canvas! I enjoyed figuring out how to stitch it.


Cindy said...

What a pretty finish! Thank you for sharing the stitches that you used...I have my very first painted canvas waiting in the wings to be stitched, and was wondering what to do :)

Kathryn said...

Very, very nice. Though it is funny. I have never USED a stitch guide. Most of my old, old canvases that came in kits, just specified the tent stitch. I used a couple of specialty stitches on Pineapple Fish, but mostly I wanted colors of the variegated silk to predominate, so again, just the tent stitch. I bought a Stitch Guide for the Halloweentown canvases by Melissa Shirley, but have seen them stitched at my LNS and I know I will do some things differently than the Stitch Guide. I did some research on stitches for the Black and Red Box, but most of it I am making up as I go along.

Lana said...

This is beautiful!

Jeanne said...

All - thanks for the compliments!

Cindy - Up until two years ago, I stitched only counted/charted designs, whether it was cross stitch, canvaswork, hardanger, samplers, etc. I've since had painted canvas classes with both Brenda Hart and Sharon G, which have helped me start to see what stitches & threads to use. Check out this page on the ANG site to help: http://www.needlepoint.org/FAQ/phobia.php