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Sunday, September 2, 2007

August recap & September goals

It's September already! Where has the summer gone? Here were my goals for August, and I actually accomplished:

  • Finish Luck of the Irish GCC. DONE! I sent it in to the coordinator, too.
  • Continue working on the Fantasy Remembered GCC. Yes! I didn't get much done, but I did work on it.
  • Send in the Goldwork Heart GCCs (I & II) for evaluation. DONE! (They've come back home already, and they're at the framer now!)
  • Send in the Tiramisu GCC for evaluation. DONE!
  • Start and finish window 5 on the GAR mystery sampler. Nope. Didn't even pick it up.
  • Work on "redecorating" window 4 (the kitchen) on the GAR mystery sampler. See the previous line!
  • Start and finish the next in the Jim Wurth series. DONE (sort of - does September 1st count?)
  • Work on some of the other pieces in my challenge list. I picked up the Ninja Squirrel sampler and a long-standing UFO (though not on the list), Wheels of Color.
I didn't meet all of my goals, but it seemed like a productive month anyway!

For September, I'm going to keep it simple:
I'm going out of town for a few days later this week, and plan to take the Christmas ornament and the dragonfly wings from Fantasy Remembered to stitch on the plane.

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