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Monday, September 17, 2007

Sending in Fantasy Remembered

Well, I didn't finish the canvas ornament, because a reminder from the coordinator of Fantasy Remembered indicated that I needed to send in this project! This piece is an EGA group correspondence course by Luan Callery. After the reminder, I spent a good part of Sunday and tonight working on this project. I needed to get at least some part of each section done, plus all the wired elements cut out before it was ready to send.

I was on a roll with the long and short stitch yesterday, although I still don't like it (or my results) too much. As a result, I finished all the "fantasy fruit" (or berries, as I see them), and all of the leaves except the largest. Since the largest leaf is the same techniques and threads as the top-most leaf, I don't need to get it done before sending it in. The picture on the right shows the work on the ground fabric.

Tonight I finished the dragonfly wings and cut them out. Here's the piece with the wired elements laid on top. I'll attach them when the piece is returned from the instructor, so they don't get damaged en route. The pieces will stand up a bit more then, so the dragonfly wings won't look quite so long!Despite my dislike of long and short (or maybe just a bit of discomfort with it because I haven't done much), I really enjoyed this piece. The vast majority of my needlework has been counted work, but my recent goldwork experience helped me get past the idea that I need to know exactly where each stitch begins and ends. I've started to develop an "eye" for knowing where stitches need to go in non-counted work.

EGA just posted two new GCCs to the web site. One of these is another from Luan Callery. Summer Dream is the same size as Fantasy Remembered, and will make a great companion piece! Either I'll convince my local chapter to do this one, or I'll join the class sure to be held by the CyberStitchers chapter next year!

If you're on the fence about non-counted work, give it a try. It may be frustrating at first, but it makes a great complement to counted work, and should be in every stitcher's repertoire!

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Jeanne said...

Your work isincredible Jeanne. And what a haul of DMC at Walmart! I stayed away from the closeout of it there as I also don't like giving them my money. I hate those carousels too - in fact a couple of years ago when they first put them in Michael's and Joann's I wrote to the DMC USA company and complained. They are a pain and always messy! They told me the design was to save display space for the stores. Well I feel somewhat victorious to report that my local Michael's and Joann's have switched back to a display method like the old ones just with thinner bins but much easier to use! The bonehead who designed the carousels probably got promoted!