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Saturday, October 20, 2007


If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know Gay Ann Rogers as the designer of the mystery sampler I'm stitching. But did you know that Gay Ann is currently holding a sale she calls "E-Merchandise Week"? To see what she has for sale, visit her blog, and look at the September and October (2007) entries.

My apologies for not posting about the sale earlier this week. You only have a few days left to decide and send an email to Gay Ann. She'll then send you the total amount, including shipping. Here's the catch: all checks must be postmarked by Monday 10/22. If you're interested in anything, don't delay!

What did I buy? Given the number of projects I have in my stash, I had no business buying anything! But why would that stop me? I have been coveting the 4 seasonal girls (Acorn, Strawberry, Flower, and Snowflake) ever since I saw them made into a lampshade(!) on ANG's website, so I picked them up. (Hint - Gay Ann gives you a price break if you buy all four!) I also purchased Diamond Roundabout and a kit called 'Ruskin Garden Square', of which she only had 1 kit, so the blog post disappeared quickly.

Now, for my disclaimer: I have absolutely no financial interest in the success of this sale. I do, however, want designers like Gay Ann to be successful, so they continue providing us with wonderful things to stitch! :-)


Colleen said...

Hi Jeanne!

I also bought the seasonal girls from Gay Ann after coveting them for years, ever since I saw that lampshade! :) Maybe we can work on one together and give each other moral support.

Jeanne said...

Hi Colleen,
I'd love to start a stitch along with you, but I really need to finish a few things, first! If you've read earlier posts, you'll see references to my "WIP-loss challenge", and then I have a GCC waiting for me.

At this rate, I probably won't be able to start one of the girls until next summer. I'll be happy to cheer you on in the meantime!

Please let me know what you choose to do!