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Monday, October 8, 2007

The Library (and Radio Room!)

This weekend I finished another "window" in the GAR mystery sampler! Here is the library, with some modifications. I replaced the wall hangings with a NY Yankees pennant and my DH's ham radio call sign. (Some of the call sign is blanked out for privacy reasons. With the entire sign, it's easy to look up names and addresses!) I also replaced the top row of books with radios. It gave me a new appreciation of how Gay Ann was able to miniaturize all these pieces. It's tough to make a realistic representation in such a small space!

I'm also proud to say I finally finished all of the borders! This week I'll work on finishing the dining room (started in the lower left corner) and the stitching room (upper left corner). Then I'll see if I can redecorate the kitchen (left side) and add that. Early next month I'll get the last mystery window, and this piece will be done!

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