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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Kitchen advice needed!

In trying to actually meet some of my goals for this month, I decided on Friday evening to spend a bit of time on the kitchen of my GAR redwork mystery. Since I thought the kitchen, as charted, was a bit too symmetrical, I wanted to "redecorate" it.

Here's what I came up with:What do you think? Can you tell what the piece of furniture on the left side is? This room doesn't scream "KITCHEN" at me, plus it has some large empty spots. What can I add? DH suggested I remove the window and add a pot rack. (And he hadn't seen the original design!) If I do that, how do I keep the pans from resembling tennis rackets? Plus, doesn't everybody need to have a window in the kitchen?

I do want this window to balance the rest of the piece, so here's an overall pic so far.

Please comment with your suggestions!


Karen said...

Jeanne, this is a lovely piece. The piece of furniture looks like a baker's rack to me, and yes, you definitely need a window in a kitchen, preferably a window over the sink! Could you add something like a canister or cookie jar on the baker's rack?

Kathryn said...

I guess I would change the baker's rack into a buffet by making drawers under the bowl shelf and line between the bottom motifs, maybe french knots for handles? A cookie jar would be a good addition. I was thinking about a stack of plates or some cups or glasses, but was not sure how to stitch them.

I like the window, too, especially over the sink, but it bothers me that the window seems one stitch too far to the right. I want the center mullion to line up with the faucet stem.

Anonymous said...

Jeanne: I like this piece! I would maybe add some towels hanging sideways on a rack on the side of the sink between the sink and the baker's rack. A potted plant with hanging leaves on the sink and a teapot on the baker's rack. As to how you would stitch them, I have no idea. Janine