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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Kitchen design comments

Thank you to all who commented on my kitchen design. I'm so glad my baker's rack was identifiable! If it wasn't or if I wasn't so attached to the idea of the baker's rack, I'd gladly take up the idea of making it into a buffet. Since it is identifiable, and I am attached to it, it will remain a baker's rack.

All of the ideas are wonderful. I love the canister idea, and am contemplating a row of different-sized canisters. A friend suggested a bread box, so I'm debating between that and the teapot. I'm going to try to work in a houseplant and a hand towel, too.

Kathryn, as for the question about the faucet lining up with the center of the window: that bothered me at first, too. Then I realized that the lower cabinet is not centered over a thread but over two threads, and the faucet is centered around one and the window around the other. (Does that make sense?) If I were to move the window to the left a thread, it would look off-center to the cabinet, plus the faucet would run into the curtain. There's a price to be paid for trying to stitch things at small scale! :-) I really appreciate the honest comment, though!!

Anyway, stay tuned as I continue to accessorize the kitchen!

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