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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Bored of borders...

I'm on to the borders on the Gay Ann Rogers mystery (officially titled "A Redwork Mystery Full of Surprises").

As you can see, I've finished the borders around the cottage and have started the borders around some of the surprise windows. There's a lot more "border stitching" to go to complete part 1 of the piece. And I'm bored of borders!

Luckily, Gay Ann just posted that she's mailed out part 2! So, I'll just finish the vertical bottom borders around surprise window #1, so I can start it when it gets here. Then I can go back to some more "bored"-er stitching!

Gay Ann, if you're reading this, I understand why the design needed all the borders. I just don't want to stitch them all at once! :-)

I do love the way this piece is turning out, though!

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