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Monday, April 16, 2007

Weekend Progress

I made some progress on Wedding Row last Thursday and Friday:

It took a bit of time to figure out what color to use for the date & names. The original used a dark brown for the hearts I have stitched so far, and then the same color for the date. Dark brown hearts seemed strange to me, so I went with the rose, but that was too pink for the date & names. DH came up with the suggestion to use a dark purpley-blue, and I'm quite happy with it. This color is also from Threads to Dye For, and is called The 11th Hour. I hope to finish the piece tonight so I can take it in for framing in the next few days.

I had intended to start Jim Wurth's Hearts and Flowers while at the exhibit on Saturday and Sunday. Those plans went awry when I got to the museum and found I had the canvas and threads, but no chart! Luckily, I also had my goldwork GCC with me and was able to make some progress on the background (but not enough for an interesting pic!). I did remember the Jim Wurth chart on Sunday, but as I was only there for the afternoon and had lots of visitors to attempt to entice into guild membership, I didn't get very far!

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