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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Needlework Show

First, a disclaimer: I'm completely unaffiliated with this, but always like the opportunity to window-shop (or, in this case, screen-shop!). Now, on to the news...

The Needlework Show is going on! This is an online show, and while only wholesale buyers can actually purchase anything, we stitchers can browse and let our local (or not-so-local) shops know what we want! Most of the designs are counted cross stitch or counted thread designs, but even lovers of painted canvas, counted canvas, or punchneedle might find something tempting. Be aware that not all of the designs are new, but they may be new to you. I found one design I had stitched quite a while ago. This is still a great way to check out lots of designs in one place!

To look through the designers sites, click on the link above. Once you're on the site, click on "General Viewing", and you'll be taken to a list of designers. I recommend starting at the last vendor or the first, and then just using the "previous vendor" or "next vendor" link at the bottom of each page to see more. (Trust me, if you start in the middle at your favorite designer and then go to the end, it doesn't automatically loop back to the first on the list.)

Heaven knows I don't need any more projects, but I've found a few that I really like:

  • Art-Stitch: The circular stylized florals at the top of the page are quite striking.
  • Dames of the Needle: The Elizabethan Purse is gorgeous! A former class piece - I may have to pick this up!
  • In the Company of Friends: This company sells items with images of samplers, rather than items to stitch. I particularly like the Quick Start Sets, especially the swans.
  • Historic Stitches: Since I previously stitched a sampler with a pink house, the John Foster sampler is calling to me.
  • Jeanette Ardern Designs: Villa I and Villa II remind me of my trip to Italy last year, and Reflection is intriguing.
  • Kelmscott Designs: These magnets are beautiful!
  • Threads of Gold: Repro samplers...need I say more? And the original samplers are beautiful, too!
I'm sure I could find others if I went through again! Enjoy!


samplerknn said...

Ah yes....I went and actually ordered some items from Wyndam Needleworks. Lydia is ordering whatever you want from the Needlework Show. I was a bad girl. Spent several dollars (wink wink). We have similar taste; I too saw a couple of things from your list that were on my "gotta have" list. Enjoy reading your blog. Have fun shopping!

Jeanne W. said...

Why did you have to tell me about Lydia's offer to order any of this? I haven't caved yet, but I might have to send her a note...