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Monday, November 9, 2009

WIP: Nameless hardanger #1 (original)

Today's featured WIP is one of my two nameless hardanger pieces.  Yes, it's an original, and I refer to this one as the "pastel hardanger."

Technique/Materials:  Hardanger on 25ct lugana.  Most of the kloster blocks and buttonhole are stitched in Caron's Watercolours.  The rest of the stitching is in pearl cotton.

Background:  This was started 9 or 10(!) years ago.  I only recall when because it was before we purchased our house.  I didn't chart this out at all before starting.  I started with a piece of fabric and started stitching kloster blocks at one end in a more-or-less random zigzag to the halfway point of the fabric, then mirrored that pattern to the other end, and again down the other side.  I think I then charted out the result and played with different possible divisions and fillings.  I still haven't figured out what goes into the three small areas at each end and the two tiny areas on each side.

Why it's not done:  I really like the way this is coming out, but I can only do the needle weaving in very brief stints due to carpal tunnel and other nerve issues.  I can't do any "in hand" work these days.  As a result, this piece only sees very brief activity every once in a while.

What's left to do:  The rest of the filling stitches, and then figuring out what to put in the little areas.  Any ideas?


NCPat said...

Very, very nice! How about repeating the very center 4 padded satins in each opening? It would give you continuity and pull it all together.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is one scrumptious hardanger piece - just beautiful! I'm really enjoying seeing all your WIP's but this one just takes the cake for me!