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Saturday, November 21, 2009

WIP: Summer Dream (by Luan Callery)

Today's featured WIP is no stranger to long-time readers. It is Luan Callery's Summer Dream.

Technique/Materials:  Stumpwork and surface work on linen twill, primarily using wool and cotton threads.

Background:  I took this EGA correspondence course with a group from my local EGA chapter. According to last year's blog posts, I started this in early November 2008 with the plan that it would be turned in for evaluation in January. As a result, this saw a lot of activity that month.

Why it's not done:  This was set aside in early December 2008 when I won the opportunity basket containing Celebration Santa and realized that there was no way I'd be finishing Summer Dream by January anyway. Besides being on bedrest (and later, in the hospital), I outgrew this project, on its large stretcher bars, as my lap disappeared with advancing pregnancy. The project bag found its way into storage, and there it has remained, until today.

What's left to do: I'm changing the colors of the main flower and the butterfly from pinks to oranges and yellows. In addition, I still need to stitch the smaller flowers - and the ladybug!


NCPat said...

You are doing beautiful work on this piece! I took it to the fair this year and won best of show! Boy, was I impressed! I look forward to seeing your color changes.

Anonymous said...

I'm just loving seeing all your WIPs and your explanations of what's still left to be done, and why it got sent to the UFO corner ... really fun to watch these posts evolve :)

Donna said...

I'll be doing this one in January. I look forward to seeing your different color choices. I've also got Fantasy Remembered in the stash somewhere.

Cyn said...

Hi Jeanne,

I remember this one. Very pretty!

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