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Sunday, November 15, 2009

WIP: Overture II (by Kay Stanis)

Today's featured WIP is Overture II, designed by Kay Stanis.

Technique/Materials:  Silk and metal embroidery on congress cloth. The border stitch is a counted couching technique using flat Japanese silk (not fun with winter-rough hands!) and metallic braid. The remainder of the design, except for the background, is done in non-counted techniques.

Background:  This was one of two one-day classes taught by Kay when she visited our ANG chapter in August 2006. (The other was Prelude, which I finished within a few months.)

Why it's not done:  While I was finishing Prelude, this piece was set aside, and by the time I got back to this, winter had set in, and my hands couldn't handle the silk. In the three years since, I haven't remembered to start working on it again!

What's left to do: Most of it, unfortunately. It really isn't a large piece though (about 5" x 7"), so it shouldn't take too terribly long, once I pick it up again - after this winter.

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