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Monday, November 23, 2009

WIP: Ukrainian Openwork Sampler (elements by Jan Walters)

Today's featured WIP is a sampler in Ukrainian Openwork. The individual bands were all designed by Jan Walters, but the arrangement of bands is my own.

Technique/Materials:  Ukrainian Openwork (primarily consisting of satin stitches and drawn and pulled thread work) in DMC coton a broder threads on 25ct Pearl Linen (which is a polyester/linen blend).

Background:  I took the EGA correspondence course in Ukrainian Openwork with the CyberStitchers chapter in 2004. For my critique, I stitched a table runner, but I could only put one main band design on that runner. I really wanted to try the other larger bands, so I decided to start a sampler of them.

Why it's not done:  I have no idea what made this project land in the "someday" box, since this was pre-blog and I didn't keep any records of my progress (or lack thereof) at that time. I assume I was just tired of stitching white and went on to something else that caught my eye.

What's left to do:  I'm not really sure. It's been so long since I looked at the course text, I couldn't tell you what bands I planned to do, although the picture roughly shows the entire design area (assuming an equal fabric margin on all sides of the design).

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