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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

WIP: Celebration Santa (by Joan Thomasson)

Today, I'm featuring a hand-painted canvas WIP, Joan Thomasson's Celebration Santa.

Technique/Materials:  Various canvaswork stitches on hand-painted 18ct mono canvas using some charms and a variety of threads:  DMC floss and Medici wool, Kreinik braids, Needle Necessities and ThreadworX overdyed floss, Thread Gatherer's Shepherd's Silk, Silk 'n Ribbon, and Poodle Cuts, and strips of ultrasuede. I'm primarily following the stitch guide that came with the kitted project, though I am making a few minor changes in both stitches and threads.

Background:  At our EGA chapter's holiday dinner in early December 2008, I won the "opportunity basket." This kit was one of the items in the basket. When I ended up on bedrest for my pregnancy later that same week, I decided I needed to start something new. Since I wasn't able to get into the Christmas spirit by decorating my home, I chose this project as my new start. I made good progress in the following three weeks, until I ended up on bedrest in the hospital. Late in January (still in the hospital), my DH brought this project to me, but advancing pregnancy and almost 5 weeks of solid stitching were causing my carpal tunnel to flare up, and I wasn't able to stitch on it much.

Why it's not done:  Within a week of DH bringing this project into the hospital, we found another full-time diversion: a 4lb, 2oz, five-weeks-premature baby. Enough said!

What's left to do:  Finishing the background, stitching a second layer on the tree for a "real" look, couching Poodle Cuts for Santa's beard, adding turkey work for the fur (can you believe I've never done turkey work?), putting finishing touches on his coat, robe, and boots, and stitching his staff. Regarding the staff:  the stitch guide says to find a twig and attach it, or to stitch the staff in long-and-short stitches.  I don't want to use a twig, but I want the dimension, so I'm going to use Casalguidi stitch (also known as padded stem stitch) in a brown overdyed floss.

I somehow doubt this project will be finished by this Christmas.  Maybe next year!


Cyn said...

Hi Jeanne,

I have quite a few of Joan's Santa's and Angels waiting to be stitched including a few of the Fallen Angels. :-)

I'm enjoying your trip down memory lane.

Love the pictures of Erin in her Halloween costumes! They are so much fun at that age as you can dress them up in different costumes throughout the day and they don't complain! LOL!

Windy Meadow

Kerry said...

As the mother of a premature baby who is now five, I wish you all the best with your new baby.

It's a bit of a shock when they come before they are expected, isn't it? Even if you know it is a possibility.

Dena (Kreinikgirl) said...

Looks good! Keep stitching.