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Friday, November 27, 2009

WIP: Silver Bells (by Blue Bear Beads)

Today's WIP showcases yet another technique. It is Silver Bells, designed by Dawn Dalto of Blue Bear Beads.

Technique/Materials:  Peyote and brick stitch beading using Delica beads, with a spiral beaded cord for a hanger.

Background:  In 2001, I attended the now-defunct CATS (Creative Arts and Textiles Show) in Hershey, PA. While there, I took Dawn Dalto's White Christmas ornament class, and purchased the pattern for this ornament. The assembly for both is the same. I think I finished White Christmas that  year, but I didn't start Silver Bells until over a year later, in 2003.

Why it's not done:  Unfortunately, it was around 2003 when I started having flare-ups with a pinched nerve in my neck that caused numbness in my right hand whenever I did "in-hand" work. (Yup. Whenever I dropped my head and raised my shoulder, within a few minutes the first three fingers of my right hand would go numb. After consulting a neurologist and an MRI, I was given the brilliant conclusion of "it must just be positional", since they didn't see the pinch on the MRI. Umm... yeah. Hence, I don't do much in-hand work these days. My lap stand is used for everything.)

What's left to do:  After the remaining four peaks are completed, I'll join the end of "Love" to the beginning of "Noel," then stitch the peaks together. The stuffing will be inserted before the last side is sewn shut. Then, I'll add the beaded cord. (Of course, I can only work on this if I haven't had a nerve flare-up in a while, and then it might only be for 30 minutes or so.)


Cyn said...

Hi Jeanne,

This is very pretty!

Would you be able to mount it to scroll rods or those other things that you use for linen that I can't just remember the name of now (heavy sigh) so that you can mount it on your stand?

Windy Meadow

Lindsay said...

WOW that is gorgeous. I've never seen these designs before but I can see several that may well make their way over the pond

Jeanne said...

Thank you. Unfortunately, I don't know of any way to mount this as it isn't on a fabric background. It's just beads and thread. Do you have any ideas?