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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

WIP: Blackberries (by Gitta's)

My only current silk gauze project is today's featured WIP. It is Blackberries, designed by Gitta's.

Technique/Materials:  Basketweave and continental stitch on 40ct silk gauze using Eterna stranded silk. (Be aware that if you're thinking of purchasing it, the kit does NOT come with 40ct gauze or silk thread. It comes with 23ct gauze or cordova canvas and cotton floss. I purchased the chart and found my own supplies.)

Background:  I started this in May 2007 (Hooray! I can remember this one!) when my EGA chapter held a workshop on how to mount silk gauze on muslin so it could be easily held with scroll rods or another type of frame. I had previously stitched another of Gitta's gorgeous designs on silk gauze, and loved how it came out. (And apparently some of the folks at ANG National Seminar did, too! I'm still in shock, over one year later!)

Why it's not done:  At the time I started this, I didn't have a full-spectrum lamp. My stitching lamp at the time was bright, but it still wasn't great for working on silk gauze. I could really only work on this during the day. Now, I've got a better lamp, but this piece hasn't found its place in my current active WIP pile.

What's left to do: Quite a lot, I'm afraid, based on the picture of the full design. Maybe this one will see more progress in the next year.


Unknown said...

Jeanne-I am loving the trip through your WIP pile. It helps me to ignore my own. :-) Thank you for sharing!

Ania Ploch said...

Blackberries are absolutely sweet and so natural! I fallen in love with them.
I already put your gaze mounting course in my notes - to be sure I will not miss it!
Great job, and I cross fingers for quick results - please, do not leave me waitnig impatiently for results till next year! One exception: might that be January 2010 :D

Thank you for sharing such amazing pieces of your WIP bunch.

Take care!
/Europe, Poland/