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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

WIP: Blackwork Band Sampler (by Moss Creek Designs)

Yes, today's featured WIP is another band sampler. Specifically, it is the Blackwork Band Sampler by Rae Iverson of Moss Creek Designs.

Technique/Materials:  Blackwork (double running stitch) central bands with a cutwork border entwined with a vine adorned with flowers and leaves in various other stitches. The only non-blackwork band is a cutwork area for the stitcher's initials. It is stitched with cotton and silk flosses with accents of metallic threads on 28ct linen.

Background:  I'd guess I started this project in 2004 or 2005 (though it could have been earlier). It's another one that was a lunchtime project, so it only saw 15 minutes of attention a couple of times a week (on a good week).

Why it's not done:  When I changed jobs three years ago, this project came home and hasn't been touched since. I don't know why it didn't find its way into my new desk.

What's left to do:  I've finished about one-third of the blackwork bands, and only a tiny bit of the border. I've got to do all of the cutwork, both in the border and the initials band, in addition to finishing the vine, flowers, leaves, and blackwork bands.

1 comment:

Donna said...

Wow. You really have been dabbling in all kinds of needlework. Reminds me of myself.

I admire your dedication in putting these things out here. And I may copy this idea sometime in the new year. Maybe even start on New Year's Day?