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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Czarina progress

Czarina, the new Jim Wurth ornament, is progressing nicely.* The big fleur-de-lis crescents are a bit of a pain, since they're stitched with Flair from Rainbow Gallery. This is a tubular nylon thread (think Barbie pantyhose!) that wants to snag at every opportunity, and to make it look right it has to be laid flat on both the front and back of the canvas.

Plus, since I don't want to stop and start the thread several times during the stitching of the crescent, I'm using a really long length. After needing to start and end threads three times on the first crescent, I cut a 70" thread for the second, and had just a few inches left over. I'll stick with that for the rest, even though it increases the chance of snagging the thread. I just have to be careful not to drag the thread across the edges of the canvas.

*Of course, it helps that I've been on vacation for the past two days. The only Thanksgiving preparations I've had to distract me were the baking of two pumpkin pies and helping my mom with some setup for the 17 people she's having over tomorrow. DH and I go to his parents' place for Thanksgiving, so I help my mom out ahead of time.

I'll post again tomorrow, but in case it's not until later, Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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