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Monday, November 19, 2007

More strawberries

Half of the border of Examplar IV is now finished! Tonight I completed the right side, the strawberries in detached buttonhole.

This stitch didn't give me too many problems until it came to decreasing. When continuing with straight borders, you work into the previous row, stitch by stitch. Once the strawberry starts tapering to a point, it's difficult to figure out which stitches on the previous row should be used and which should be skipped. I did it sort of randomly. When things on the current row got a little crowded, I skipped the next stitch on the row above. I think it came out ok, better on some berries than on others.

My apologies if the above paragraph sounds a bit cryptic, especially if detached buttonhole is new to you. If you've tried this stitch, you may understand my frustration! Any and all hints are appreciated, because it shows up in other parts of the sampler. From a comment on a previous post, I know of at least one reader here who has just started this sampler (Hi Theresa!), and advice on the trickier types of sampler stitches is always welcome!

1 comment:

Stitcher S said...

I love how this looks! I can't wait to see even more progress pics.
Take care.