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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Scottlee progress

With so many small things that need to get done, you'd think I'd pick one of them up as I'm unwinding on a Friday evening. Let's see: I've got to finish the stitch samples for Jane Zimmerman, stitch three more kissing pillows by the middle of the month, and finish the kitchen on the Gay Ann Rogers mystery sampler.

But no - instead, I picked up Jean Hilton's Scottlee! I finished the "Rhodes Border" and started on what she calls the "Inside Border".

It's strange. When I start to see progress, even on a large piece like this, somehow I look at the piece and think "well, this isn't going to take very long to finish!" And you know, it probably could get done in a month or two, if I continue working only on this piece. :-P In reality, I'll likely still be sporadically working on this in six months. I hope not, but it's likely (especially since I have all of the above-mentioned stuff to do in the near future). Does anybody else tend to drastically underrate how long it will take to stitch something? I should keep track of the time I spend on projects, and I've tried to do that in the past, but I always end up forgetting before it becomes a habit. Tracking project time seems to take some of the fun out of it for me!


Kerry said...

It's looking beautiful. I hope you do stick with it for a while, because I'd love to see more progress on this.

Anonymous said...

This is lovely. I love Jean Hilton's designs,--Where are they available?Jody Smith

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love your progress so far. I also am working on Scott Lee love the way it is developing but I wonder how you fared with the Flair ribbon in the crescents and small Sprat's Heads. I have had one attempt, not very successful, and it seems to be an awfully cumbersome ribbon which almost disintegrates. Did you persevere or did you find a substitute?