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Friday, November 23, 2007

More progress on Czarina

Czarina is coming along nicely! Since the crescents were so time-consuming, I decided to move on to some of the other portions of the first two quadrants before moving to the remaining quadrants.I found that laying the Amadeus motifs was difficult because the crescents were so bulky. Because of all the layers of Flair, the top of these motifs are almost 1/4" off the canvas, so it's really hard to get floss to lay next to it, especially since I was trying not to snag the Flair with my laying tool. As a result, I decided to stitch the Amadeus motifs in the remaining quadrants before stitching the crescents. I continued on with a portion of the rest of these quadrants, too, but did not stitch the woven metallic portions yet because I thought the metallics would catch on the Flair. I'll let you know tomorrow if I have any problems stitching the crescents with the other stitches already in the quadrants.

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