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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Not.... Quite... Finished...

When the last installment of the Gay Ann Rogers mystery arrived in today's mail, I had high hopes of getting it done today. It probably would have been done by now, if I hadn't been finishing up the samples for Jane Zimmerman's book. (Which did get finished! Hooray!)

As it is, I think I'm done with the kitchen, simply by removing the vase and adding a set of canisters. I tried to add a small shelf with a towel bar under it between the baker's rack and window, but it didn't quite work. What do you think of the result? Does it seem like a kitchen now?I'll save a picture of the last window, the bathroom, for tomorrow. I have maybe 2 hours of work left on it, but I was running out of time to post today for NaBloPoMo. So, provided I don't decide to change the kitchen further, this should be done tomorrow morning!

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